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  • 02.10.2014 - Airmet - Supporter of Metalriciclo
    • Airmet - Italian Association of Metals Recovering Companies - was established for the promotion of the companies that directly or indirectly work in the metal scrap management and recovery sector, even though scrap is still defined as "waste".
      The Association is active in several fields: monitoring the issues relating to the 333/2011 EC Regulation on End of Waste for scrap iron, steel, aluminium and copper; identifying a final and sustainable solution regarding the mobile collection of metal scrap and its transport (Art. 266, paragraph 5, of legislative Decree 152/06); clearly understanding the SISTRI Waste Tracking system; identifying technical rules that can be enforced on all the Italian territory in terms of characteristics that all metal scrap processing and recovery site must have; to address the lawmakers in order for metal scrap as well as all other materials having a value on their reference market to be excluded from the field of application of the directive on waste.
      "METEF 2014 and the siding show Metalriciclo have a direct connection with our Association's scope therefore it will be a chance to promote our activity and let the operators visiting the exhibition know it. We also hope to meet new prospective members," declared Andrea Mazzeo, delegate of Airmet.
  • 02.06.2014 - WEEE Europe, joint venture of WEEE take-back schemes
    • There are several WEEE take-back schemes in Europe and for the first time nine of the leading ones have banded together in a joint venture called WEEE Europe.
      WEEE Europe will help manufacturers and distributors to manage WEEE correctly offering its experts' support to enable a proper collection, recovery and processing. Among the leading names is ReMedia, Italian take-back scheme for the eco-sustainable management of Technological Waste.
      The joint venture, based in Munich, Germany, will enable European manufacturers and other market players to fulfil their national WEEE recycling requirements in what it describes as an "easy, one-stop-shop way" from January 2015 onwards.
      WEEE Europe chief executive Christian Ludwig said: "The administrative cost for all market players is huge - from mid-tier businesses to major corporations. Our aim is to simplify processes and to offer efficient solutions to fulfil the various national WEEE recycling registration and reporting requirements at a competitive price."
  • 02.06.2014 - The new website is online
    • CIAL - Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium Packaging - has a renewed website. The restyling has coincided with CIAL's 15th anniversary.
      Dynamic, modern, updated, CIAL's new website describes the consortium's activity and aims at being an online reference point for recyclable waste collection and recycling of aluminium packaging.

      Designed by the Milan-based K48 agency, has a modern look that meets the needs of the new technologies for online search and access. In fact the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technique was used that automatically adapts the page layout to the viewing environment across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to tablets, smartphones, last generation mobile phones and web TV) to provide an optimal viewing experience with a minimum of resizing and scrolling.

      The site has 5 main sections, one for each crucial topic that very clearly addresses the many daily users:

      1 - Aluminium and Recycling: the characteristics of this material, its endless recyclability and the results Italy has obtained are indicated in the first section. The objects produced by the recycling process are also shown.

      2 - Collection and Recovery: this area mainly deals with aluminium packaging collection from the point of view of both the public authorities, that work every day with CIAL, and the citizens in order to solve doubts and explain what and how to collect at home when it comes to aluminium packaging.

      3 - Innovation: CIAL dedicates resources and efforts to the research and development of solution aimed at the reduction and collection of packaging, combining the market needs with environment protection. At the same time it proposes new projects for the EcoDesign culture spreading.

      4 - The Consortium: this section is for CIAL's current or prospective members. A PACKAGING FINDER search engine is available to discover with a click the Italian companies working in the aluminium packaging sector and their products: cans, trays, tins, spray cans, tubes, foil, etc.

      5 - CIAL communicates: events, press and TV advertising campaigns, arts and educational projects, photo and video galleries, and CIAL's well-know Ricicletta. This section describes all of CIAL's activities, even those carried out in association with local waste collection disposal operators.

      The website gives large room to the connection with CIAL's account on different social networks - Twitter,, Facebook and YouTube - to get a real-time updating directly from the site homepage.
      And well visible on the homepage also is the News area offering all the press releases and news about CIAL, the world of aluminium packaging, recyclable waste collection and recycling.

      In its first 15 years of activity, CIAL has attained and exceeded the EU targets for aluminium packaging recovery and recycling. Established by law in 1997 (pursuant to Art.40 of the Legislative Decree No 22 dated 5th February 1997, better known as Ronchi Decree), CIAL has reached a recycling rate equal to 60% of the aluminium packaging sold on the market thanks to its daily collaboration with 5,500 Italian municipalities and 45 million citizens involved.
      In the last 15 years, Italy has recycled 442,900 tons of aluminium packaging thus avoiding releasing into the atmosphere 3,600,000 tons of CO2 and allowing for a saving equal to 1,500,000 TOE (tons of oil equivalent)
      Italy ranks first in Europe and third worldwide for quantity of recycled aluminium.
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